Page Options - Individual Page Settings
Page Options in Edit Page Settings allows the user to set what information is visible to them in the Individual View and how it is arranged.

Rearrange Order:

The order of the Left Side column or Right Side column can be personalized. This is done by clicking and holding on the double-line icon on the left-hand side of the tile. It can then be dragged up or down to arrange where the tile shows in the list. The order of this list will determine how these tiles are displayed in the Individual View.

Show or Hide Tiles:

Individual tiles can be hidden by clicking on the blue toggle switch next to the tile. This will remove that tile from the Individual View. Clicking the toggle for a hidden tile will make it visible again.

Click Save Changes to save these settings and return to the Individual View.

Additional Comments
Note: This only effects the user who makes the change. Each portal user will see their own personalized view.