Shelby Financials Integration with F1

Both part of the Ministry Brands family of software solutions, FellowshipOne + Shelby Financials Integration equips churches with the most comprehensive people management software on the market and an unparalleled name in church accounting software. FellowshipOne is about people. Shelby Financials is dedicated to financial stewardship. These integrated solutions allow churches to be excellent stewards of their most valuable resources: People and Finances.


  • F1 Access Rights
    • Shelby Admin for mapping users and funds
    • Shelby Sync for syncing funds with Shelby Financials
  • Map F1 portal users to Shelby Financials users
  • Map Funds and Sub Funds to:
    • Shelby Income Account
    • Shelby Bank Account
  • Export to Shelby (Sync Funds)
    • Search for Transactions by Date Range, Batches or Contribution Type
    • View Individual Transactions in a fund
      • Select all or select only specific transactions to sync

To find out more about how this integration works:

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FellowshipOne+Shelby Financials Integration guide

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