FellowshipOne Mobile - Add Contact to Task
A Task can be updated to show individual(s) were contacted.
Additional Comments

To add a new Contact to a Task:

  1. Select Contacted from dropdown menu
  2. Select Method of contact from the dropdown menu
  3. Add Note if desired
  4. Toggle on Mark Note as confidential (if applicable)
  5. Tap Save to save or "X" to exit without saving


Consistent with Portal Functionality:

  • Share Notes With - allows notes to be shared with other contact items that were entered on the same contact form as the current Task
  • Transfer Task - allows users to transfer the current Task to a new Ministry and/or assign it to a different Portal User
  • Disposition - allows users to specify the outcome of a Task. Dispositions are set up in Close Task
  • Close Task - Indicates that all necessary follow-up has been completed and changes to the status of the Task to Closed

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