FellowshipOne Mobile - View Tasks

The Task Tab in FellowshipOne Mobile correlates to Contact Items in FellowshipOne Portal. Tasks are the action items assigned to a Portal User for follow-up.

Additional Comments

In Tasks, a user can:

  • View Tasks Assigned to Me
  • View Task Count by Ministry
  • Manage Tasks
  • Track Tasks not assigned to you
  • Alert user to new tasks waiting to be viewed

Assigned to Me

  •  Touch the Tasks icon at the bottom of the screen

These are Tasks where the user is the assigned "Route to Person" or the Task has been transferred.

View Task List

This displays al Open or In Progress Tasks associated with the Selected Ministry

Update Filters and Sorting

NOTE: Access to Tasks requires the Premier edition of FellowshipOne and the user Rights People Contact and Ministry Read or Write for the Ministry the Task is associated with

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