Tracking Tasks in F1 Mobile
Purpose & Scope
This article provides the procedure to create, view, and edit a Tracked Task. Tracked Tasks allow the user logged into F1 Mobile to monitor the progress of Tasks that are not assigned to them. This feature is only available in the F1 Mobile app.
To Create a Tracked Task
  1. Tap Task Clipboard
  2. Tap Tracking
  3. Tap plus icon
  4. Create a task Name
  5. Select Ministry from dropdown menu
  6. Select Assigned to from dropdown menu

To View your Tracked Tasks 
  1. Tap Task Clipboard
  2. Tap Tracking 
  3. Tap the Tracked Task Name

To Edit a tracked Task: 
  1. Tap the Task Clipboard
  2. Tap the Filter Icon
  3. Update desired filters
  4. Tap SAVE to save changes

Note: Tap X to return to the Tracked Task List without saving.
Additional Comments
Only Tasks with a Status of Open or In Progress can be used with Tracked Tasks. Your F1 Portal User account must have the Ministry Security Rights to the Ministry selected in the dropdown menu, to perform this action.