Common Questions regarding F1 Insights dashboards
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Common questions regarding F1 Insights:


  1. How do I log into F1 Insights?

    1. Go to

  2. What Rights does a user need to access Insights?

    1. Users will need the Insights Right under Report Rights

  3. Can a user see data for Ministries that they do not have Read Rights to?

    1. No, the Attendance data they are able to see is tied to what Ministries they have Read Rights to. They will also need the Ministry report Right to see any Activity Attendance data.

  4. Can a user see attendance for Groups that they do not have Permissions to?

    1. No, the user will only be able to see data for Groups that they have Permissions to.

  5. Will all Insights Users be able to see Contributions data?

    1. To see the Overview data, users will need at least one of these three Report Rights: Contribution, Contributor Summaries, or Contributor Visibility

    2. To see the Contribution Details section, users will need the Contributor Visibility Right

  6.  Is it possible to see Ministry and Groups attendance at the same time?

    1. Not with the global dashboards, but it can be done with custom dashboards that will be available in a later release.

  7. How current is the data?

    1. The data is updated nightly, and includes all data through midnight Central Time.

  8. Does changing things in Insights affect my data?

    1. No, Insights functions similar to reports and only “reads” the data

  9. What are some reasons a user cannot see data in Insights or login?

    1. Insights is limited to customers on the Premier edition of F1

    2. Be sure users have the Report Right “Insights”

    3. If additional report rights were given today, user will need to wait until tomorrow as all data available to a user is based on what their Report Rights were the previous evening.

  10. Is it possible to send a notification to more than one email address?

    1. Yes, simply separate the email addresses with a “;” and no spaces.

  11. Can notifications be sent to email addresses of people that do not have an F1 user account?

    1. Yes. The recipients of the notifications is simply a list of email addresses.

  12. How do I get a Dashlet (report or chart) to email someone the results on a regular basis?

    1. Steps can be found here on how to setup a recurring notification

  13. Is it possible to quickly filter out certain data points in a graph?

    1. Yes! Quickly narrow down what data shows in a graph by clicking on the round dot in the legend under the graph for that value.

  14. How is Average Attendance Calculated?

    1. This is calculated by dividing the number of attendees by the Groups or Activities that posted attendance for that date range and then averaging those results for that date range.