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FellowshipOne Insights Dashboards provide visibility into ministry effectiveness by giving you value-driven visualizations of your church’s data – all with an easy to use, modern design. You’ll find key value indicators and useful charts and graphs for your church’s contributions and attendance data, all with the ability to filter to the data that’s relevant to your needs.


Visualizer allows users to customize their own reports and dashboards within Insights. In order to get the most out of Visualizer we want to make sure you are equipped with the right tools from the start. Make plans to attend one of the upcoming two-part training sessions. Completion of this course is a pre-requisite to accessing the Insights Visualizer platform.


  • Insights is available to all customers on the Premier edition of FellowshipOne. (Go here to find your edition) If you are not on the Premier edition, your Customer Success Manager can answer any question you may have about upgrading.

  • Users will need the “Insights” Report right. This can be added to a user by an F1 Admin.

  • Insights honors a user’s Ministry Rights, Report Rights, and Groups Permissions to determine what data a user has access to

  • Visualizer requires completion of Visualizer training

To log in (after assigning Insights Right to user):

  1. Go to insights.fellowshipone.com

  2. Log in using your F1 Portal credentials

Alternatively, click on the Insights icon in the 9-dot grid from Launchpad, Coordinator, Teacher, or My Check-in.



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