Top Groups Reports
Purpose & Scope
Top Groups Reports
The following reports can be used for tracking information about Groups in InFellowship. These reports will give you information about attendance, group leaders/members, prospects, and much more.

  • M7060 – Core Group Records
    • Return details and metrics about InFellowship Groups selected
    • Focus on one or all Groups
    • Focus on changes in Group counts
    • Focus on changes in membership, leadership or Prospect counts 
  • M7050 – Core Group Prospect Records
    • Return list of Prospects, their Status in the Prospect workflow, Notes, how they entered the workflow, and information about groups they are interested in
    • Focus on Prospects for specific Group Type, Group or Span of Care
    • Focus on Prospects with specific Status
    • Focus on Prospects entered within certain time period.
    • Display metrics including number of days Prospect has been active and number of interested Prospects
  • M9200 – Core Individual Roster
    • Return a roster of people based on their involvement in the Groups or Activities selected
    • Creates 8.5x11 PDF roster including photo
    • Focus on Group membership or Activity Assignments
    • Cross-reference membership/Assignment with Attributes, Requirements, Demographic Information
    • Output any individual information with membership/Assignment
    • Page break by Groups or Activities
  • M1211 – Core Attendance Records
    • Return the people that have or have not attended the Groups selected within a date range
    • Can show attendance for indivudals who attended in past but are no longer in Group
    • Display Group information along with individuals
    • Attendance for selected InFellowship Groups
    • Page Break by Group, Group Type, Campus, or Span of Care
    • Run output into a Temporary Group for easy Mass Action or email distribution list
    • Attendance marking sheet by including future dates
  • P9500 - Groups 2.0 Export
    • Full export of all info related to InFellowship Groups
    • Select which areas of InFellowship Groups you wish to return in export
    • Limited filter options due to it being an export report

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