Top Roster Reports
Purpose & Scope
Top Roster Reports
  • M9200 – Core Individual Roster
    • Return roster of people based on their involvement in the Groups or Activities selected
    • Creates 8.5x11 PDF roster including photo
    • Focus on Group membership or Activity Assignments
    • Cross-reference membership/Assignment with Attributes, Requirements, Demographic Information
    • Output any individual information with the membership/Assignment.
    • Page break by Groups or Activities
  • M1400 – Core Assignment Records
    • Return people assigned to Activities selected (includes InFellowship Groups membership)
    • Participant assignments for selected Activity, Schedule, RLC Group or RLC
    • Staffing Assignments for selected Activity, Schedule, RLC Group or RLC
    • Membership for selected InFellowship Groups.
    • Participant or Staffing Assignment by Status or Attribute
    • Run output into a Temporary Group for easy Mass Action or email distribution list
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