Top Volunteer Pipeline Reports
Purpose & Scope
Top Volunteer Pipeline Reports
  • M3820 – Core Volunteer Pipeline Records
    • Display candidates in pipeline matching criteria selected.
    • Shows all candidate submissions including, but not limited to, those that have been rejected or removed
  • M3825 – Core Volunteer Pipeline Dashboard
    • Display graphical trends for candidates in the Volunteer Pipeline
    • This report contains four graphs:
      • Volunteers assigned vs. Volunteers attending for selected Ministries
      • Number of new Volunteers entering pipeline over time
      • Number of candidates being processed within goal time vs. not
      • Number of candidates becoming a Volunteer vs. other dispositions
  • M1400 – Core Assignment Records
    • Return people assigned to Activities selected (includes InFellowship Groups membership)
    • Participant assignments for selected Activity, Schedule, RLC Group or RLC
    • Staffing Assignments for selected Activity, Schedule, RLC Group or RLC
    • Membership for selected InFellowship Groups.
    • Participant or Staffing Assignment by Status or Attribute
    • Run output into a Temporary Group for easy Mass Action or email distribution list
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