Godex Printer Installation for Check-in
Purpose & Scope
Godex Printer Installation for Check-in

 The functionality of the Godex DT-4 printer with Check-in has been tested and verified . This Article provides everything needed to install the printer.

The setup process is as follows:

  1. Download the Godex Printer Driver
  2. Begin the install by accepting the default settings.
  3. When selecting the driver select the Godex DT4 GZPL driver.
  4. Select the required port for connection.
  5. Configure the Godex printer as the default in the Check-in application 
For more in-depth instructions, the Godex Printer Installation Guide outlines the steps for unboxing the printer,  the physical installation, and the driver installation.

For printer alignment issues go to the Godex Alignment Instructions Solution.


Printer Port Setup Guide 
Godex Printer Installation Guide 


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