Using Aggregate Forms
Purpose & Scope
Using Aggregate Forms
It is common to need more than one form for an event. When this is needed, aggregate forms are the best to use. Aggregate forms combine all your active forms together into single form link, so you will not have to hand out or post separate links for each form. You will need to remember to have the age ranges correctly set for each form, so that adults are not registering for a child's form, and vice versa. To create aggregate forms, follow these steps:
  1. Click Weblink > Event Registration > Aggregate Forms
  2. Type Aggregate Form Name
  3. Select all forms to add to the aggregate form
  4. Click Add >
  5. Click Add aggregate form

Note: Aggregate forms can be edited and managed by clicking Edit next to the correct aggregate forms under Weblink > Event Registration > Aggregate Forms. Editing the aggregate forms will not change the form link.
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