Adding Answer Choices in Event Registration
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Adding Answer Choices in Event Registration
After having entered in questions for a webform, you are now ready to add answers for those questions that are set for drop down answers. Drop down answers can have a pricing association and participant assignment choices. There are a couple things you'll to remember in these answers:
  • Question pricing is quite a bit different from form pricing. Promotion codes and down payment options do no apply to question based pricing.
  • To use question pricing, you must have a fund associated to your form
  • Participant assignments require that you have the activity pre-configured before you can associate the activity's element with your question answer
  • You cannot attach activity schedules to question answers
To add an answer choice, follow these steps:
  1. Click Weblink > Event Registration > Manage Forms
  2. Select correct form
  3. Click Question and answers
  4. Click Add under the correct question and answer summary
  5. Type Answer choice
  6. Optionally, enter Price associated
  7. Optionally, select Default selection box if you would like to pre-select an answer for the user
  8. Optionally, click Create a participant assign to the following, then add fill out assignment information
  9. Click Add answer

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