Activity Association in Event Registration
Purpose & Scope
Activity Association in Event Registration
Associating an activity to a form is very useful for many different types of activities and events where you have multiple occurrences. When you determine that you need to use activity associations, you will notice that there is only one assignment that can be made per form. This poses some challenges when you have multi-roster assignments. One way you can get around this is to create a holding or registration roster. This special room will be reserved for assigning people who are registering for the activity. As registrations come in, manually edit them and choose the proper roster for the registrant.

Activity associations can be made to an activity, an activity schedule, or an activity date/time. The activity association cannot be changed after a form has had a submitted by an individual. To associate and activity to a form, follow these steps:
  1. Click Weblink > Event Registration > Manage Forms
  2. Select correct form
  3. Click Establish an activity association
  4. Select Associate an activity to this form
  5. Select the appropriate ministry, activity, and roster
  6. Click Save settings

To learn how to associate an activity schedule to a form, click here.
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