Background Check Request
Purpose & Scope
Background Check Request
If a volunteer job opportunity requires a background check, the volunteer must submit his or her social security number when submitting a Volunteer Application. There are two ways to collect this information. It can be collected in a paper form and then ministry staff can enter the information into Fellowship One. The faster approach is to publish the volunteer application on the church website via a Weblink Volunteer Application. Optionally, background checks can be done manually. If you do not wish to sign up with a security company that integrates with Fellowship One, you can conduct your own background check and use Fellowship One to track it. To manually conduct a background check, follow these steps:
  1. Collect necessary information from applicant
  2. Submit information to your background check provider
  3. Click People > Volunteer Pipeline > Verify Requirements
  4. Select Application
  5. Click Accept or Reject
  6. Click on individual's name
  7. Scroll down to Requirements
  8. Click Edit beside background check requirement
  9. Type Date
  10. Select Portal user
  11. Click Browse to attach background check results
  12. Click Save this requirement

Note: For information on using integrated background vendors for Fellowship One, click here.

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