Volunteer/Staff Schedules
Purpose & Scope
Volunteer/Staff Schedules
Staff schedules are useful for activities that occur on a schedule and recur often. You can maintain as many schedules as you want for your staff. A Base Schedule is available to use for staffing schedules. The Base Schedule basically mirrors the activity's schedules. It's not very useful when planning volunteer schedule unless you are working with a one-time event. To create a volunteer/staff schedule, follow these steps:
  1. Click Ministry > Activities > View All
  2. Select correct activity
  3. Click Staff & Volunteer Schedules tab
  4. Click Add Schedule
  5. Type Schedule name
  6. Click Create new schedule
  7. Click Edit beside the new schedule
  8. Click Recurrence
  9. Set recurrence
  10. Click Ok
  11. Click Save
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