Verify Requirements
Purpose & Scope
Verify Requirements
A volunteer opportunity may have requirements that must be met before the position can be filled. These requirements might be prerequisite classes, reference checks, background checks, and so on. If an individual has already met the requirements of the job, they will not show in verify requirements. The only requirement that can change and will have to be updated is background checks. Programming in Fellowship One monitors any background check type requirements. If a person has an Approved background check on his record, but it is more than two years old, the individual will need to compete a new background check requirement. The only exception is if the individual has an Active staffing assignment. If there is a staffing assignment on the person's record, the expired background check will be bypassed and the individual will not have to have a new background check requirement. To view and verifying requirements, follow these steps:
  1. Click People > Volunteer Pipeline > Verify Requirements
  2. Select correct application
  3. If reference checks is a requirement, References appears in Outstanding References
  4. Click plus button beside references
  5. Click Conduct Interview
  6. Enter information
  7. Click Submit
  8. Click Accept or Reject
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