Manual Contributions Entry
Purpose & Scope
Manual Contributions Entry
There are two ways contributions can be added to Fellowship One: manually or by using the Fellowship One Contributions application. The manual option allows users to enter contributions one at a time. To manually enter contributions, follow these steps:
  1. Click Giving > Contributions > Enter Contributions
  2. Click Select in Batch field
  3. Search for batch
  4. Select batch
  5. Click Find contributor
  6. Search for individual
  7. Select individual
  8. Select correct Attributed to
  9. Select Type
  10. (Optional) select Activity date for contribution
  11. Select Fund
  12. (Optional) select Sub fund
  13. (Optional) select Pledge Drive
  14. Type Received date
  15. Complete required fields on right of page
  16. Optionally, Split contribution
  17. Click Add contribution
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