Working with Form Summary
Purpose & Scope
Working with Form Summary
The Form Summary is the command center for your form. From the Form Summary  you can customize your form to be an activity registration, a survey form, an online purchase form, or a combination of forms. You may notice that initially there is not much ifnromation in the Form Summary other than the URL link for the form and general settings. However, there is a wealth of functionality you can add to the form. To learn more about the form summary, see one of the following:
  • General Information - displays basic information about the form. The name, data availability, age restriction, gender restriction, submissions, and the maximum number or submissions will show here.
  • Pricing - allows you to configure a price for the form, pricing for drop down list question answers, promotional codes, and down-payment options.
  • Web User - displays the web address for the form. This is the address that is added to our website button or hyperlink to allow users the launch the form from you church website. Additionally, a confirmation message can be created here.
  • Questions - allows you to create questions to ask people who register for the event
  • Activity Association - allows you to associate an activity with the form so that when people register, an assignment is created
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