Add Attributes to Giftedness Categories
Purpose & Scope
Add Attributes to Giftedness Categories
Once categories have been configured, attributes need to be added to each category. Attributes are applied to a job or an individual to describe the giftedness of that job or person. For example, in a Talents category, there may be attributes of Teaching, Mentoring, Guiding, and Listening. These attributes are chosen in rank order from most to least important during an individual or job assessment.

To add giftedness attributes:
  1. Click View Summary beside the program to work with
  2. Giftedness Program summary appears
  3. Click Add/Edit Attributes in Attributes panel
  4. Add/Edit Attributes form appears
  5. The first category is automatically selected
    • Note: To change to a different category, select the category to work with from the Category drop-down list at the bottom of the form and click Search. The Category field in the profile changes to the selected category.
  6. Type the attribute in the Attribute name field
  7. Click Add attribute; attribute appears in Attributes grid at bottom of profile
  8. Repeat steps 4-5 for all attributes for category
  9. Sort attributes if necessary using small up and down arrows beside attributes name in grid
    • Note:  The sort order of this grid is the order attributes will appear in drop-down lists on the individual and job assessments
  10. Change category by selecting a new category from Category drop-down list at bottom of form
  11. click Search.
  12. Repeat steps 4-5 and 8, adding attributes in each category
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