Promotion Codes
Purpose & Scope
Promotion Codes
Once you have form pricing, it might be nice to add some discounts to the form. This can be used when you want to give someone a free pass to an event, or when you want to give your staff/volunteers a discount.To add a promo code, follow these steps:
  1. Click Weblink > Event Registration > Manage Forms
  2. Select correct form
  3. Click Add/Edit Promotion Codes
  4. Type name of promotion code
  5. Type string of characters individuals must enter to access the discount
  6. Select to discount either by amount or percentage
  7. Enter Start and End date
  8. Click Add promo code
  • Note:  The Promo Code only applies to the form level pricing.  It is not applied to additional costs from question level prices (e.g. Do you want a t-shirt)
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