Common Errors in Reports
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Common Errors in Reports
This article will list some common errors users encounter in reports. If you are receiving errors, use this article to see if the problem is one of the ones listed below.

Output is incorrect
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the report
  2. If you are wanting to output to Excel, change Create labels/Temporary Groups using: to -- I am NOT outputting to Labels or Groups --
  3. If you are wanting to output to temporary groups or labels, change Create labels/Temporary Groups using: to anything other than -- I am NOT outputting to Labels or Groups --
  4. Run report
No options in filters were selected
If there is a box with no options selected, you will have to click at least one option in that box. Remember, -- Ignore This -- returns all information for all options in that filter.
A box is empty
If a box is empty, click on the blue link above it that says Get These... so it can return results based off of the previous options selected.

If you are still experiencing troubles with reports after these troubleshooting steps, please call the Customer Support line at 866-383-2437.
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