Practicing with Check-in
Purpose & Scope
How can I Practice with Check-in?
We suggest you practice a few days before your activity. This will allow you to become comfortable with the process well before your first participants appear. Before you can practice, you must create a working practice environment. Your activity schedules are configured for the dates and times of your activity and this is most likely not when you want to be training your volunteers!

To set up a practice time period, we suggest you edit one of your activity schedules and add a recurrence. You will do this in Use the following steps to help you set up a practice recurrence.

Note: This procedure will work for Check-in in Assisted mode. Self Check-in mode strictly obeys the start and end times configured for the activity schedule. If you want to practice with Self Check-in mode, you will need to create a schedule with the correct time period for your volunteer training. Ensure that your practice recurrence date range does not coincide with the real activity schedule. End the schedule a few days prior to the activity occurrence. Practicing with this schedule will record attendance.

To setup a practice recurrence:
  1. Log into
  2. Click Ministry > Activities > View All
  3. Select Activity to practice
  4. Click green +Add Schedule
  5. Enter Schedule Name
    • ??Note: Ensure that the training Schedule name is distinct from the actual Schedule name.
  6. Enter Start time and End time
    • Note: It is important to end this schedule and not have it recur indefinitely because multiple dates available in Post Attendance, Live check-ins and Reporting causes confusion in the future. You can always add additional recurrences for future training later.
  7. Select how often Schedule will Occur
  8. Enter Occurrence Start date
  • ?Note: To begin today, type "t"
  1. Click Save Recurrence
  2. Click Save Activity Schedule
    • Note: If you need additional volunteer training dates, simply edit your Volunteer Training schedule and add additional recurrences. You can even delete older recurrences as time goes on.

During volunteer training, you are actually creating attendance records for individuals. If this is something that you believe will cause confusion down the road, you can clean up after the training.

To remove training attendance after training to keep thing clean:
  1. Go to Ministry > Attendance > Post Attendance
  2. Select correct ministry
  3. Select Activity from drop-down list
  4. Select Training Schedule from Schedule drop-down list 
  5. Select training date/time from Time drop-down field
  6. Click Search
    • Note: A list of all rooms, locations, classes appears in the table at the bottom of the page.
  7. Click on number under Staff or Participants columns
  8. Either:
    • Click the red minus icon to remove attendance for individuals
    • Remove attendance for all:
      1. Select All to select all people on list
      2. Select Remove selected attendees from actions drop-down list
  9. Repeat steps 4-7 for all training dates
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