Windows XP No Longer Supported
Purpose & Scope
Windows XP No Longer Supported
Due to Microsoft ending support of Windows XP in April of 2014 and their Anti-Malware releases for XP stopping July 14, 2015 we are no longer able to provide any support for issues experienced with Fellowship One on Windows XP. This includes Check-in, the Contributions Application, InFellowship, and the F1 User Portal.  
We have received reports from multiple customers since mid-July that they have started having trouble getting F1 applications to work on XP. Since security updates are no longer available for XP and Microsoft ended support for XP over a year ago, we are not able to assist with these issues.
It is our strong recommendation that any pc’s using XP should be immediately removed from any networks and upgraded as soon as possible. Continuing to use XP opens up not just that pc but your entire network for viruses and security breaches since XP  is no longer receiving security updates.
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