Zebra Printer Installation for Check-in
Purpose & Scope
Zebra Printer Installation for Check-in

Fellowship Technologies has tested and verified the functionality of the Zebra GK420d and GX420d printers with Check-in. This Solution provides everything that you need to install the printers.

The Zebra Printer Installation Guide is a document that will outline the steps for unboxing the printer,  the physical installation, and the driver installation.

ZD267718-certified.zip is the Zebra Windows driver.

ResetZebra.zip is a script that should be ran after installation if there are any alignment problems with the labels.

The Printer Alignment Instructions explains how to run the ResetZebra script.

The Printer Port Setup Guide explains how to change the printer port in Windows if needed.


Zebra Printer Installation guide.pdf
Printer Alignment Instruction.pdf
Printer Port Setup Guide.pdf




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