Managing the Volunteer Pipeline
Purpose & Scope
Managing the Volunteer Pipeline
The Volunteer Application is the Weblink tool that allows people to apply for volunteer positions through your church website. You can configure and manage volunteers through the Volunteer Pipeline. When a user applies for a opportunity online, the application will submit the user's information into the Volunteer Pipeline. The steps of the volunteer pipeline are as follows

  • Application is submitted - If the application is done manually on a sheet of paper, the date must be entered. If a Weblink Volunteer Application form is used, they will be automatically entered into the volunteer pipeline.
  • Review Application - This step is a stopping place where an assimilation pastor or volunteer coordinator can more closely examine the jobs the person has selected and try to narrow the focus of many jobs to one or two jobs that most closely match the volunteers giftedness. Any job selection can be dropped off the application at this stage.
  • Ministry Review - This step is meant for the ministry leader or volunteer coordinator to be able to talk to the volunteer and find the best job/schedule to match their availability. If an interview or audition is required, this is the ideal time to do it.
  • Verify Requirements - Volunteers remain in this stage until all requirements have been met. If the volunteer is rejected, the application goes to the Rejected Volunteers queue.
  • Approved Volunteers - The final stage of the pipeline is to assign approved volunteers.

For more detailed information on managing each step of the volunteer pipeline, see one of the following:
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