A6500 Inactive People Report
Purpose & Scope
A6500 Inactive People Report
Keeping your database current and accurate helps reports run faster and produce better results.  The A6500 Core Inactive People report has several purposes, the main one is to determine who is not active based on parameters chosen.  When cleaning your database of duplicates, doing mass changes to status, etc. it makes sense to use the A6500 report as the first step, thus eliminating many records of people who are no longer active in the church.

  • The 4 different Weeks settings are the most complex part of the report.  Click to Read the Documentation at top of report for information on this.
  • If just looking for people who have not been active in some area of Fellowship One, simplest weeks setting are NN, NN, NN, 0 for week setting. (e.g. if looking for someone who have not given for 52 weeks, week settings would be 52, 52, 52, 0).
  • If using Consider Children's Attendance option, you must keep Child in the Return based on Household Position filter.
  • This report is also useful for finding people who have only done some thing a few number of times in a date range.  It is critical to understand the 4 weekly settings to get accurate result
  • If the report fails when running to a temporary group due to timeout, run the report first to Excel, then rerun report to a temporary group (data will be cached, so it will run quickly)
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