Epson Scanner Installation for Contributions
Purpose & Scope
Epson Scanner Installation for Contributions
Fellowship One Contributions supports the TM-S1000 Check Scanner.

To install the Epson Scanner:

  1. Download and Install this Driver: Epson Advanced Printer Driver for TM-S1000 v1.06
  2. Download and Install the EpsonNet Config Utility: EpsonNet Config Utility v4.9.5
  3. Ensure the Scanner is unplugged
  4. Restart the Computer
  5. Plug in the Scanner
  6. Start the Contributions Application
  7. Open a Batch, or Create a New Batch and verify that the green Start Scanning button is visible in the bottom-left corner
Additional Comments
Note: To ensure proper functionality, this driver must be used. This scanner can also be used for Remote Deposit Capture with Fellowship One.