Down Payments in Event Registration
Purpose & Scope
Down Payments in Event Registration
Down payments are used in special cases where you allow a person to pay a partial payment on the total cost of a registration. Down payments apply to form pricing only. Any pricing associated with questions is added to the down payment at check out. Also, any person that chooses the down payment option when registering will owe a remaining balance. They cannot pay the balance online. Any payments to a remaining balance must manually be made by a staff member. To add a down payment option, follow these steps:
  1. Click Weblink > Event Registration > Manage Forms
  2. Select correct form
  3. Click Payment settings
  4. Type amount in Down payment field
  5. Select one of the following:
    1. No cutoff date, down payment available for the life of the form - this option allows payment of the down payment for the entire date ranges the form is active
    2. Down payment available through - the default selection for down payments. Once selected, the date field becomes active and an end date can be configured
  6. Enter in Balance due date
  7. Click Save settings
Note:  Down Payments cannot be deleted.  To not show Down Payment option during event registration process, just set the Available Through date to a prior date.
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