Confirmation Messages
Purpose & Scope
Confirmation Messages
Two types of automated messages can be configured for online giving—contribution success and contribution failure. The success message is sent to the contributor upon successful processing of the gift. The contribution failure message is sent anytime a contribution schedule fails for any reason.

When configuring these messages, take the following into consideration:
  •     Processing times—givers need to know that processing times vary depending upon the payment method the giver selected.
  •     Credit Cards are typically debited from the giver's account within hours of the contribution schedule run unless the schedule is set to run on a weekend or a holiday, which will cause the debit to be delayed until the next business day. The typical time it takes to process payments (through all steps) is 3-5 business days for credit cards and 5-7 for bank drafts.
  •     Immediate one-time gifts—the confirmation message should take into account one-time gifts that are processed immediately.
  •     A point of contact should the user have any questions or concerns. For example, an email address or a phone number.
  •     Directions on how to get back to Online Giving for the contribution failure message. If the schedule fails, the user will want to correct the issue as soon as possible. Consider including the link to your church website page where the Online Giving button exists. Instruct the user that he needs to log back in and click "Edit" beside the schedule that failed. There will be an exclamation point icon beside the schedule that failed. Holding the mouse over this icon displays the error message.
  •     For the contribution failure message, include the payment processor's error message. This can be done by typing [[ERROR_CODE]] in the body of the message. When the message is sent, this dynamic placeholder will be replaced with the actual error message.

Note: We recommend that you only include the [[ERROR_CODE]] dynamic text if you have chosen to create your own custom messages for payment processing. The default messaging provided by the processors is sometimes harsh and provides little direction on how to solve the problem.

To create online giving messaging:
  1.     Click WebLink > Online Giving > Confirmation Messages. The confirmation message setup form appears.
  2.     Select Contribution Success or Contribution Failure from the Message type drop-down list.
  3.     Type the message in the rich text editor. You may also use HTML formatting by clicking the Edit HTML code button on the toolbar.
  4.     Type a from email address in the Email this message from field. This address will appear in the From field when a user receives the email.
  5.     Click Save. The message will appear in the Confirmation Messages grid at the bottom of the page. It can be edited at any time.
  6.     Repeat steps 2-5 for the second contribution message (either Contribution Failure or Contribution success depending upon what you selected earlier)
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